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Established 1994

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Recoil Starters

Starting USA has produced over 200 million engine recoils for customers throughout the world. We have recoil design capabilities locally at our Poplar Bluff, Missouri plant, as well as at the Starting Industrial home office in Japan.

In a typical year we will manufacture over 8 million recoil assemblies a year used on a variety of small engines applications ranging from consumer lawn mowers and hand held power tools to commercial lawn and garden and utility equipment.

We produce our own "spiral" springs for our recoils "in house" on 6 manufacturing lines using the most innovative wire forming technologies.

Mufflers and Thermostatically Controlled Choke Actuators

At Starting USA Corporation we typically manufacture over 3 million mufflers a year. We stamp our own components using 250 and 500 ton presses and employ a sophisticated automated process to assemble the mufflers and crimp them. Our use of automated equipment and our low overheads mean that we are competitive globally with our muffler manufacturing process.

In addition to mufflers, we also produce a patented thermostatically actuated choke system that is integrated into the muffler itself. We manufacture the components for this thermostat "in house" including the forming of the bimetallic spring. 

Stamping and Assemblies

With metal stamping presses ranging in size from 100 to 500 tons we typically produce over 1 million engine speed control assemblies along with over 10 million other sheet metal engine components annually. We have our own tool room to ensure quality stampings with reliable processes.

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